Top 5 Sleep Hacks that will Knock you Out and give you a Restful Night's Sleep


Get Your Pillow

because you’ll need it.

Let’s get right to the point. You’re tired AF, haven’t slept a good night’s sleep in forever, and are looking for some quick hacks that actually work ? OK, I got you. Here are my top 5 Sleep Hacks that can help prepare you for a better nights sleep.

My Top 5 Sleep Hacks


Eat a Banana

Eating a semi- ripe banana 30 mins before bed is the sweet spot (Literally). Why? Bananas are full of Potassium and Magnesium which are natural relaxers. Also, they contain L-tryptophan which is an amino acid that converts to Serotonin and Melatonin - those “feel-good” hormones that we all need more of. A half hour before bed is all you need to induce a feeling of relaxation and be on your way to a restful night. Oh, you may be wondering WHY the banana should be semi-ripe. That’s to ensure you’re getting the maximum dose of vitamins that it has to offer.


Lavender Oil

No. I’m not trying to sell you anything BUT I will try to convince you of the benefits that I experienced myself. Essential Oils date back to Cleopatra’s time. Many of her own personal beauty hacks always included Almond Oil and for sleep and relaxation - Lavender. Here is the most important Lavender Hack: You need to use it in 2 or more ways to induce a relaxing sleep. I make a simple Lavender Spray that you can find HERE. Simply spritz your room and bedding area 15 minutes before you’re ready to call it a night. Following, choose to either rub Lavender oil on your temples and back of neck OR diffuse the oil to create quiet ambiance.


Epsom Salt Bath

Got 20 minutes? An Epsom Salt bath is a quick and simple hack that not only induces a restful night’s sleep but also detoxes your body of toxins. Your liver is constantly on over-drive; doing its best to filter out your system and remove the thousands of toxins we are subjected to on a daily basis. When our livers are clogged and full of junk we may feel sluggish during the day but struggle to fall asleep. You may also find that you’re waking 2-3 hours after falling to sleep (typically when your liver starts to detoxify). You can get the recipe HERE.


Retrain your Circadian Rhythm

Retrain my what? Like anything else, our bodies are programmed to respond a certain way. In simpler terms, our bodies have an automatic timer, like a 24-hour internal clock that is constantly running. Think of that annoying app on your phone that keeps running, never dies, but drains the hell out of your battery. Yeah, you can thank your Circadian Rhythm. Do you ever noticed that you always feel like a dump truck ran your ass over at the same time each day? Or, that you feel as if you might fall asleep at the wheel driving home? This is known as your sleep and wake cycle. Unfortunately, for many of us, our cycles are shot. To retrain your Circadian Rhythm, you need to go to bed and wake every night at the same time for 14 days. Try it.


Electronic Detox

I may lose friends over this but it’s crucial to retraining your Circadian Rhythm. You need to ditch the electronics 30 minutes before bed. As you sit down, with your banana, shut everything off. I know, you want to scroll aimlessly on your phone for who-the-hell-knows how long liking a bunch of memes. I get it. But, you have tomorrow for that! You can rehearse all your witty comments the night before so that you’re on your clap-back game the next day. In all seriousness, there is a science behind it.

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