Hack your Brain: Cheat vs. Treat


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Cheat vs. Treat

What we say and how we say things matter; especially when it comes to ourselves. Our bodies believe and feel what we think. There’s no way around it. We’ve all had “cheat days” whether that was with food, not exercising, calling into work…among other things. When we call it a cheat day we automatically add negative energy to what we’re doing. I dare you to start referring to those days as “Treat Days” - and I bet you’ll see a difference.

Cheat Vs. Treat

Ahh, Cheating vs. Treating (NO, sorry people this doesn’t apply to relationships - Come on, some of ya’ll were thinking it). Cheating creates feelings of guilt and that’s why we “hide” what we’re doing or make excuses. When we think and believe what we are doing is wrong, our bodies believe that too. It’s honestly such a simple concept and mindset yet so many of us fail at this (including myself). When you eat a cupcake with the mindset that it is “cheating” a few things happen without you realizing it. One, you don’t truly enjoy that cupcake as you would if it were a treat. Two, your body further treats that cupcake as an intruder. You may start feeling guilty, your belly might start to hurt. You could start wishing you never ate it, you may become nauseous. You seeing this? While that guilt-storm is brewing, so are your hormones (especially Cortisol) only contributing to the burden you’re carrying. JUST STOP (I was eating some chocolate as I wrote this, and yes, I did my work out and treated myself).

Treat Day

When you’ve worked so hard at something and accomplished it, you deserve to do something nice for yourself. Maybe that’s buying a shirt, getting new gym-attire (I mean, you can’t have enough of that), have a beer with your buddy, or eat a flipping cheeseburger. When you’re treating yourself your body is excited; happy that it is being rewarded for doing hard things. You feel excited, your taste buds go wild, your stomach feels content, and you get up the next day having enjoyed your treat only to kick a$$ again. It’s that simple. Treating yourself removes the negative connotation behind “cheating”. The only way you’re cheating, is if you stop giving a shit about yourself and half ass whatever it is you’re doing. If you still feel as if you’re cheating, it’s because you didn’t put the work in. Whatever it is, you SHOULD feel good about what you’re doing. If you don’t, you need to reevaluate the “why”.

Treat Days - Maintain a Positive Mindset

When you feel “guilty” your entire mindset changes. If you went hard at a goal for a whole week and took sometime for a treat, why risk throwing yourself off that path and feeling down? It isn’t worth it. I can’t say this enough. When our bodies believe what our mind thinks, we feel it, we live it, we create it. YOU need to decide what that “it” is for you. Saying to yourself, “Damn, I kicked A$$ this week with {Insert here} and I’m going to go out and {insert here} - do it with pride! If you don’t have a feeling of accomplishment, reevaluate it. Again, maybe you didn’t hustle enough. Maybe in the back of your mind you KNOW you don’t deserve it because you didn’t put the work in. If that’s the case, read on.

Flipping the switch - from Undeserving to Deserving

What would it take to convince yourself that you’re deserving? Ask yourself the question and listen to the answer. If it’s something absolutely ridiculous, it probably is. Remember, you can’t always be on 100% and sometimes that treat is JUST what you need to get you right back on track. Let me break it down for you. YOU <clap> ARE <clap> DESERVING <clap>OF <clap> ANYTHING <clap> YOU <clap> WANT <clap> IF <clap> YOU <clap> WANT <clap> IT <clap> BAD <clap> ENOUGH <clap> . No one decides what you are deserving of; that is your decision. If you feel unworthy, it’s because you’ve done that to yourself. If you feel less than, it’s because you allowed for that to happen. (I know, that blows) …but it is the truth. I had to realize this myself. So, here’s the kicker. Simply tell yourself, “I am worthy of this and I’m going to do whatever the hell I have to, in order to feel good about it but I will not restrict myself from happiness”. Go ahead, I dare you.

The moral of all this is to simply start thinking the way you want to FEEL! That’s it. Change how you look at things and feel the difference.

Share this with your treat buddy and start living.